Latest outreach news

GEM-NET: the software that keeps C-GEM connected

A deep dive into the tools that make up C-GEM’s scientific teamwork software infrastructure.

Omer Ad talks about new building blocks for C-GEM polymers

Our fourth podcast features C-GEM Seed Investigator Omer Ad discussing recent research demonstrating the ribosomal translation of benzoic acids.

C-GEM researchers teach ‘Decoding Biology’ workshop to New Haven high schoolers

An enrichment workshop for New Haven high schoolers.

Latest blog posts

Dealing with the unnatural – the MHC way

Can the antigen recognition process be modulated if the structure of the antigen is modified

Hachimoji DNA: The Eight-letter Genetic Code

Hachimoji DNA contains four natural bases (A, T, C, G) and four extra unnatural bases (P, Z, S, B).

Isolation through unity: creating orthogonal ribosomes through tethered subunit assembly

A new method resolves cross-assembly between wild type and engineered ribosomes.

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