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Applying to Summer Undergraduate Research Programs: Why, How, and More!

The Center for Genetically Encoded Materials (C-GEM) Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is one of many undergraduate research experience (URE) programs that allows a student to do research i…

The Future of the Ribosome and its Role in the Future of the World

Dina Tekle (left) and Nicole Rivera (right) are undergraduate students in the 2021 C-GEM summer research program, who are integrating ribosomal mutation data for the purpose of accelerating research v…

Ribosomes: A vision of the future utilizing antibiotic-ribosome relationships

Alexis Vanzandt (left) and Kaitlyn Szalay (right) are undergraduate students who participated in the C-GEM summer research program. Their project focused on analyzing and integrating antibiotic-riboso…

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