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Open Positions:

The Das Lab at Stanford is looking for a postdoctoral scholar for a project to use computational modeling to redesign the translation apparatus to accommodate new polymerization chemistries. The project involves close collaboration with experimentalists in the Das, Cate, Schepartz, and other C-GEM labs. An ideal candidate would have training in Rosetta computer modeling, along with demonstrated experience in modern machine learning frameworks and computational quantum chemistry.

The Miller Lab at Yale is looking for a postdoctoral scholar for a collaboration with the Schepartz Lab to study novel approaches to natural-product-like molecules.

The Schepartz Lab at UC Berkeley is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to focus on new strategies to introduce novel, non-alpha-amino acid monomers into proteins using a remodeled translation apparatus, and will work in close collaboration with one of a number of C-GEM laboratories. The ideal candidate has a background in chemical biology, biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, and/or synthetic biology.

Candidates can apply directly to the lab of interest or apply to one or more labs via the C-GEM Postdoctoral Fellowship

Undergraduate students

Interested students should email investigators to inquire about academic year positions. Applications for C-GEM’s 2022 Summer Research Program will open in Fall 2021.

Graduate students

C-GEM does not directly hire graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to apply to programs that C-GEM faculty are affilated with at our member institutions.

Postdoctoral scholars

Postdocs join C-GEM in one of two ways – by applying directly to a lab in C-GEM or through the C-GEM Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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