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Open Positions:

The Alabi Lab at Cornell University is looking for a talented postdoctoral scholar to design novel non-alpha amino acid monomers towards the preparation of non-natural chimeric peptides and their bioconjugates. The project involves close collaboration with the Schepartz Lab at UC Berkeley and other C-GEM laboratories. The ideal candidate should be an independent thinker with a strong background in organic chemistry, bioconjugate chemistry, and/or chemical biology.

The Miller Lab at Yale is looking for a postdoctoral scholar for a collaboration with the Schepartz Lab to study novel approaches to natural-product-like molecules.

Candidates can apply directly to the lab of interest or apply to one or more labs via the C-GEM Postdoctoral Fellowship

Undergraduate students

Interested students should email investigators to inquire about academic year positions. Applications for C-GEM’s 2022 Summer Research Program will open in Fall 2021.

Graduate students

C-GEM does not directly hire graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to apply to programs that C-GEM faculty are affilated with at our member institutions.

Postdoctoral scholars

Postdocs join C-GEM in one of two ways – by applying directly to a lab in C-GEM or through the C-GEM Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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