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Episode 5 | GEM-NET: the software that keeps C-GEM connected

This episode is a deep dive into C-GEM’s scientific teamwork software infrastructure (“GEM-NET”), whose design and setup instructions were published as an article in ACS Central Science [1]. The discussion is led by C-GEM Project Coordinator Sarah Smaga who speaks with team members and article co-authors Stephen Gaffney, Jeffrey Townsend, and Omer Ad. They discuss their experiences working together as a virtual team using the tools of GEM-NET to manage task lists, scheduling, data sharing, collaborative document and code editing, and private and public communication.

GEM-NET consists free or freemium off-the-shelf software (including Google’s GSuite, Slack, Asana, and Benchling), plus new custom-built tools that link data between these tools and provide new functionality. We have released the source code for our custom tools on our GitHub page [2].


  1. Gaffney, Stephen G., et al. “GEM-NET: Lessons in Multi-Institution Teamwork Using Collaboration Software.” ACS central science 5.7 (2019): 1159-1169.
  2. C-GEM’s GitHub page, with source code for custom apps:

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