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Get on the C-GEM mailing list

The mailing list is a Google Group that provides access control for several GEM-NET data resources, including C-GEM’s Google Drive and Calendar, in addition to mailing list functionality.

To join the group, send Stephen a message on Slack indicating a convenient email address. A few considerations:

  • the address should be somewhere you’re happy to receive GEM-NET emails, and should be an account that you check!
  • if you’re happy providing an address that you already use to access Google apps, please do.
  • if you’d like an email address (a Google account), ask Stephen. This would give access to all Google Apps and let you see all mailing list emails in the Google Groups forum. You could forward emails to another address or set up your email client to check emails on this address.
  • the account needn’t be a gmail account: any email address can be used but it will need to be linked to a Google account (which means picking a password so you can log in with this address).
  • multiple addresses can be associated with a single Google account, giving you multiple ways to sign in to Google apps (e.g. an address can be a secondary sign-in for a personal Gmail account, allowing you to see all your files and calendar in one place).

Get access to C-GEM’s shared files on Google Drive

Access to the ‘Team Drive’ requires that you be a member of the mailing list See the instructions above to get on the list.

Once you have access, you’ll see ‘Team Drive’ in the left navbar in your Google Drive account, as shown below:

Team Drive

Integrate the C-GEM calendar into your own calendar

Once you’re on the mailing list (see instructions above), you can join the shared C-GEM calendar by following this link.

Write a blog post

In the GEM-NET Team Drive, you’ll find two documents that you can use as a template:

Copy one of these files to a new google doc (File > Make a copy…), add your content, and send Stephen a link when you’re done.

Browse and create GEM-NET GitHub repositories

The C-GEM GitHub page is at If you don’t already have a GitHub account, sign up for one. Once you’ve got an account, tell Stephen your username and he’ll add you to the Organization. You’ll then be able to browse, create, and modify private repositories, including the website.

Post to Twitter on behalf of C-GEM

TweetDeck (owned by Twitter) allows Team access, enabling multiple users to post on behalf of the C-GEM account without the need to share a password. Send your personal Twitter username to Jeff or Stephen and they can add you to the Team. After you are granted access, you’ll just need to confirm that you’d like to join by going to the ‘Accounts’ tab in TweetDeck (screenshot below):

Team Twitter

Useful links

  • The GEM_NET Data Plan. Includes links to tutorials on Asana.


The calendar will show below when you’re signed in to an account in the email list (see instructions above).